“Where Is My Mind” Manifesto

by Pierre Estienne

This manifesto is a draft. Feel free to share it, modify it, build and act upon it! (though if you modify it, please highlight the changes you made)

Our world is fucked up.

I mean. Look around. Check out the news (not on TV of course, try Vice News). If you’re under 30, the future looks kinda bleak , right? We were promised a lot of things.
That somehow, by working hard, we would land great jobs, be better off than our parents. Yet for most of us, that hasn’t happened. Our student loans are skyrocketing, well beyond our capacity to ever pay them. The job market is non existent, despite the claims that unemployment is somehow going down, while in fact the only jobs that are added to the economy are low income, low level jobs, like working at Wal Mart or MacDonald’s.

And yet. We should be satisfied with this. We should shut the fuck up, let the old guys in charge of the country do “what’s right”, get those shitty jobs at Wal Mart or MacDonald’s while waiting for the position we want, we, college trained individuals (or highly educated autodidacts). We should accept that this is the normal state of affairs, that it can’t get better for now.
We all know we won’t have the same quality of life our parents enjoyed. We are getting fucked. And we shouldn’t raise our voice?!

I grew up believing in imminent “world peace”, in a world where countries cooperate rather than go to war. I believed we would colonize Mars, I believed that we would be the first generation to end scarcity, to live in abundance. We would be a learned society, thanks to affordable education and new technologies.
Instead, I got Jersey Shore, Putin and Obama, and Yo.

Seriously, am I alone thinking they lied to us? All these guys telling us to “drop out of college, do something meaningful”, while they are college educated and investing in “meaningful” companies like Snapchat or Yo? All these guys telling us to follow our passions, but who refuse to hire us when we do? All these guys telling us individual liberties are so important, while they vote against same sex marriage?

I wonder if there is a community of people, of well educated (whether from going to college or reading) individuals, who feel like me. Who feel we should start doing things as a species, who feel we should go on strike until we are given our place in society?
A community that could go on strike, retire from society, until society embraces our values.

We shouldn’t seek jobs until were are guaranteed that we will be better off than our parents. That means closing the inequality gap, tackling climate change, tax evasion, separating once and for all the Church and the State. That means giving every citizen a Basic Income, too.
We were promised Mars colonies, Star Trek replicators. We are here to get them. That means cutting the Defense budget and using that money to fund NASA rather than the NSA, stop listening to lobbyists in D.C telling America file-sharing is theft, etc.

We want to leave in a society of abundance. The technology is nearly there to support it. We are here to reshape society to welcome the end of scarcity.

And perhaps in this society in which everyone can make a living out of his passions, we’ll finally make that leap into the future. We’ll let robots take the jobs we don’t want while we’ll pursue the things that interest us: the arts, the sciences, …

9-5 isn’t the way we work. We are capable of being the hardest working people the Earth has ever known. But you won’t see our potential until we are allowed to work on the things we think are meaningful.

I saw recently in the press that some young koreans and some young japanese are refusing to look for job, to take part in society. That’s what we should do, but with clear revendications: I suggest the ones above, though there’s room for more.

I raise my middle finger to the job market, to all the bastards saying such a society isn’t possible. It is. And we should take action to make it happen.